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"What peace means for me?

Peace? Well..." Zohar lacht. "First it means that there is no war. And people are free. And people are not feeling fear from oneanother. And there is less stress and more freedom. And there is also of coure inner peace, that is more about beeing relaxed in this life even though its complicated. About stopping the climate change: The only reason it wouldn't be possible is that people are not thinking that its important enough ore they are interested more in other things like monney or power or things that leads to war or territory. Thats the only thing that makes it impossible. Of course its theoretically possibel. If everyone of us trys to make the effort, its not so hard. But people have to know first about it. They have to have the knowlidge, and then everyone just has to do what they can do like not eat meat and not pollute the air and not use plastic and nylon, and not to fly. Thats different things we can do personally. I mean the only way it will work is if enough people will show that its that what they care about, and then the politicians will have to do something as well.

I personnally try to do what I can, I am mostly vegan, I seperate garbage and so on, all these things of course (er lacht), but I think I could be more activ. Thats something I could do. Exept just putting stuff on facebook, what I do, about this subject as well, but I don't do anything really activ, I go to a protest sometimes, but I don't do really something in an every day basis.

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